Presenting to Senior Executives Made Easy
June 2000 Coaching Story

Jim*, a high potential executive, wanted to know how to present more effectively to the weekly Senior Executive Marketing Committee.

As part of our coaching, he had completed a motivational communications inventory which confirmed him to be an information-oriented individual. The inventory presents four major groupings of people action-oriented, people-oriented, information- oriented and structure-oriented. As an information-oriented executive Jim is perfect for his job of creating new products and ways to market them. However, through our discussion, he realized the members of his Senior Executive Marketing Committee are primarily action-oriented. They want to make a decision now!

After analyzing the committee members' need for action we considered significantly reducing the number of visuals he would present which would force them to ask the questions they needed answers to.

Jim's actual decision was to cutback his thirty visuals to a total of five. He wanted the committee to act on three major concepts. What was brilliant about his presentation was this: he presented one visual with each concept. However, with each concept presented, he made a vocal reference to three (or four) comparable concepts "we have dismissed because this one suits our company best."

Result Something that had never happened before. Two senior executives congratulated him after the presentation as "On target!" "Great clarity!"

In past presentations, Jim had presented information on all the items he had already dismissed because he assumed people like himself need all the information. He now realizes in presenting to action-oriented people, that is not true. Action-oriented people need to know what to act on. They trust him to have done the research and only want his recommendations.

* content is true and accurate, individual names are fictitious.



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Presenting to Senior Executives Made Easy

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